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But nevertheless, these are both C Panel sites. Any changes you make to master php will apply to any skin that you load. Many Thesis display settings affect the formatting of archives pages, so be sure to start there, before resorting to a custom loop. You can leave all the other settings alone, and Thesis will use the defaults set in Thesis Options for post image formatting and thumbnail sizes, or you can override those settings just for this post. CSS Typically there is really only one file in here you should edit. When you use a child theme, you: …gain protection against future theme upgrades. You used to have to get into that all the time but in Thesis 2 there are few rationales for doing that as you are going to continue to see. In Thesis 1. A custom search loop must handle both conditions.

Every other type of page on the site does not have this left column and therefore no ads showing. An FTP client allows you to manage files on your web server.

More functionality is built into the framework core reducing the need for some plugins The theme framework I always use is the Thesis Theme. When you follow an affiliate link and purchase an item on the website regarding, Wilwebs may receive a compensation -- but rest assured, not at your expense.

Browse to the location of the zipped Thesis folder you just downloaded from DIY Themes, and upload it. Only useful if you have defined a custom taxonomy.

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Call the default Thesis HTML output loop for the home page this is basically just a call to the superclass. So there are things, hooks and filters that you can work on in Thesis and access them directly through php. Meta keywords are just basically a way for search engines to categorize your content. Colors are set with the aid of a color picker — but you can also enter the hex value directly. Doing so may result in a penalty from some search engines. From WordPress Codex : A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme Using child themes offers these 3 and many more advantages compared with not. Hopefully this can help others. Our version is much simpler than what Thesis does in the standard loop. It has this database name, this database username and this database password for access to it. I built this loop up slowly, one piece at a time, until I had completed it. Do any of these for specific tags, authors, post custom fields, etc. Install it, activate it, and go to the plugin settings page. Here, appending the new parameters to the existing query string preserves any other query parameters that might already exist.

I used a custom template in this instance because I wanted to perform specific calls to the database and produce specific lists of posts. In your custom folder, find the layout. Consult the Thesis Hook Reference List for other location options.

The layouts are configured via the Design Options menu and apply site-wide.

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There may be other ways to do this usually is but here is how I did it.

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Thesis Tutorial: Multiple Custom Page Templates