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The entire political and economic situation of Europe created an indelible mark on his thought system. In the Philosophy of Rights he has emphasized that man is rational and moral.

This latter traditional metaphysical view of Hegel dominated Hegel reception for most of the twentieth century, but from the s came to be challenged by scholars who offered an alternative non-metaphysical, post-Kantian view.

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If a problem could have been solved permanently then history and civilization would have no scope to advance forward. The states are enemies with each another and there is a struggle for power and position among the states. For Hegel, philosophy is the owl of Minerva, i. Finite minds and human history are the process of the Absolute manifesting itself in that which is most kin to itself, namely, spirit or consciousness. So they should be entrusted with the responsibility of the state. Many other newer philosophers who prefer to follow the tradition of British Philosophy have made similar statements. It was the God Himself. Dialectic also helps us to acquire mastery over the different stages of social and political development. The idea is first, and from that comes the reality. In this way Hegel has explained the necessity of history. We must, therefore, worship the state as the manifestation of the Divine on Earth and consider that, if it is difficult to comprehend Nature, it is infinitely harder to grasp the Essence of the State.

In punishing the criminal the state makes it clear to its members that it is the acknowledgment of right per se. Thus when Hegel characterizes some judgment structures typically perception based judgments as judgments of existence one might take the perceived thing itself as straightforwardly part of the content of the judgment.

A particular individual can change the destiny of a nation. It passes over into Synthesis.

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Hegel thus rules out the possibility of popular sovereignty. He had the firm belief that if the nation remains in poor or deplorable condition and remain unattended there cannot be any development of individual. Liberal and democratic institutions flourished in these two countries and people fostered very carefully the democratic values. But he ignored this aspect. Explaining the Hegelian theory of sovereignty Maxey says that it proceeds directly from his exaltation of state as the external manifestation of ultimate consciousness and will His theory of sovereignty is not the outcome of contract, it is the necessary unity of state itself. Long before Hegel the dialectic was discovered and fruitfully applied by Greek philosophers. In the Phenomenology he attempts to understand the revolutionary terror of the Jacobins in terms of their interpretation of Freedom. Modern philosophy, culture, and society seemed to Hegel fraught with contradictions and tensions, such as those between the subject and object of knowledge, mind and nature, self and other, freedom and authority, knowledge and faith, the Enlightenment and Romanticism. In Hegelian philosophy there is no place of abstract individualism. The state fixes the standard of morality for its individuals. Integrity of the nation was at stake. But the mere fact is that his various arguments clearly state that he had sufficient weakness for an all powerful or omnipotent state and he believed that such a state could solve all the deep-rooted problems which plagued the German state from various directions. It is in terms of this category that we can think, along with Aristotle, of a thing having an underlying substrate within which properties inhere and which, unlike the properties themselves, cannot be thought in general terms, but only in terms of the category of singularity. We are now returned to the domain of objectivity that had characterized Books 1 and 2 of the Science of Logic, but we might expect such a return from subjectivity to have effected a change in objectivity as earlier understood. If the state be sovereign, yet an expression of the sovereign will must necessarily involve in the last analysis a determination by some person.

This higher level takes the form of conceptually articulated thought, a type of cognition commonly taken as capable of having purportedly eternal contents think of Plato and Frege, for example.

But ultimately success was not achieved. Because there are problems in every society there are also contradictions.

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To cross straight into a consideration of the objectivity of the human world of action and thought—spirit—would be to break the developmental pattern of the logic because thought about such a complex form of objective existence will presuppose thought about simpler forms.

The very latest scholarship in Hegel studies reveals many sides of Hegel that were not typically seen in the West before It is also the manifestation of Reason.

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