The different sources of energy that can replace fossil fuels

Wind Energy This form of energy generation has become increasingly popular in recent years. So please, no more nonsense about competing on the so-called level playing field.

renewable energy vs fossil fuels debate

Most states in the nation now have some form of wind energy set-up and investment into the technology continues to grow. This energy source is completely renewable and the costs of installation are outweighed by the money saved in energy bills from traditional suppliers.

Renewables, with zero-marginal-costs, helped push down wholesale prices to 8-year lows in The issue has become a hot-button topic over the course of the last few decades. There may be a modest additional cost depending on the future price trajectory of PV and wind.

In the Arctic and Antarctica, warmer temperatures are melting ice, which leads to increases in sea levels and alters the composition of the surrounding sea water.

In other words Australians have a footprint about 10 times greater than all could share. Doing so requires a new, far more complex, energy system with new technologies and new policy tools.

Alternative energy sources

However, the advancement of some of these technologies has been slowed down due to the amount of investment needed to make them viable. Current world electricity generation trends, extrapolated to Nevertheless, solar cells are prone to deterioration over large periods of time and are not as effective in unideal weather conditions. German wind and solar use maxed out in at around 68 billion kwh, or The demands on these alternative energy sources are inordinate — they will need to not only keep up with the increasing population growth, but needs to go beyond these demands by contributing to the replacement of fossil fuel energy production in order to meet future energy needs and consider the natural environment. The day starts and the load increases as people head to work. With all these solutions we can secure the renewable energy future needed. Electricity demand varies during the day in ways that the supply from wind and solar generation may not match, so even if renewable forms of energy have the same levelised cost as conventional ones, the value of the power they produce may be lower. Such a goal could not be achieved without radical change in social, economic, political and cultural systems. This power source has massive potential while doing little to disrupt the land.

There are various types of renewables — onshore wind is the most cost competitive and offshore wind is heading that way but will likely remain more expensive; the large scale solar power costs are rapidly reducing, hydro power — marine, tidal stream, dams, run-of-river — are currently more expensive but some large-scale projects such as the Severn Barrage in the UK are competitive.

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Alternative Energy