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Besides, Malaysian is seeking for higher standard of living and quality lifestyle. Small-business owners often find themselves in a rapidly changing environment, anticipating trends and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve the goals set forth may be the ultimate option. Most of the time a development project is involving such a huge amount, having a joint ventures policy may reduce the risk of the project. According to the managing director of the SunCity Berhad, families want a home that facilities positive growth and nurtures from all aspects in term of health and fitness, sustainable living, environment, personal development and social justice, thus integrating the LOHAS philosophy will enables that growth. Opportunities involves all the elements that a project Customer satisfaction is the forms of foundation of any organizations success. However, in order to survive in the economic battle, business owners should make the best use of the SWOT analysis to gain a thorough overview of their business. Sunway Medical Centre also facing shortage of medical personals and highly experience medical specialists. The SWOT analysis allows for the organizations achievable goals to be reached. For example, Columbia Asia Medical group are setting up another 4 medical centers in the country and this will cause the shortage of human sector. For Sunway City, building green homes is not part of the marketing strategy. Therefore, the homebuilding will grow in the market in order to fit the demand and the property sellers are needed to increase their inventory. Sunway Nexis is a complete lifestyle centre which consists of entertainment, regulations. The research was funded by the fortune companies to find out what could be done about this. Students of Sunway College are facing lack of car park problem.

There are global real estate forecast trends for such as the real estate prices will increase, sales of property will go up, homebuilding will grow and sellers inventory of property will rise. General Motors is brand that people know and respect and many are very loyal to the brand.

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While using this as a factor, General Motors stated to focus on new research and developments that would give them an advantage over their competition. Previous work experience, educational history, and the decision to attend Walden were all contributing factors included in determining long term goals. To find out whether their action are aligned with the organization's objectives. Internal factors viewed as strengths and weaknesses while opportunities and threats are the external factors. This is because attitudes and values form the cornerstone of a society; they often drive demographic, economic, political and technological conditions and changes. This model is considered an important part of planning tool set and used widely across industries. Sunway City is belongs to property development and investment as well as investment holding organization.

The barriers to entry for this industry are: -The economics of scales is not easily archived by new firm, company wish to achieve this have to having a high advance of technology and quality workers which not easily to train and get in a short period of time.

It is a good opportunities for further business expansion in Malaysia. For the Sunway City Berhad, we found that the threat of new entrants is low as it is a company which has being incorporated for at least 20 years in Malaysia. Sunway Velocity located within 3. As the economy weakened, businesses have looked at expanding globally to make up for the loss of profit.

As we know that Sunway City is the well knownorganisation in the market.

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It let you access current strength of your competitive position and the strength of the position that you are planning to attain. As our research, we find that there are 3 types of strategic alliance, which are joint ventures, direct cooperation and also minority interest.

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Swot Analysis of Sunway