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After applying more individual attention, I noticed a significant turnaround in their attitudes and performance. The students will ask me about my likes, will joke with me, and will even encourage me! I would prepare large print and braille materials as needed ahead of time.

my reflection on teaching practice

A teacher must be a friend, mentor, and sometimes be a parent figure. For instance, I just gave a kid a spatula as a prize yesterday! This has prompted me to develop a filing system for graded papers to be stored before they are handed out.

What have you learned from your teaching experiences

Another connection to their own lived experiences occurred in a lesson based on privilege. We are still trying to transition over to magnifiers but most of my students are resistant to using them. I wanted to arm them with the writing knowledge necessary to succeed later in life. Through observation, mentors should attempt to provide the mentees with opportunities to gain deepening awareness of their teaching practices, personal values and beliefs Gebhard, The very first week of student teaching was overwhelming but I expected that to happen. According to dictionary. I have been able to pick out interests of individual students and give them a prize that I know they would love. I have some students that use technology such as the iPad and computer that have learned the commands to enlarge text as needed. For instance, I just gave a kid a spatula as a prize yesterday! Although I assessed them several different ways throughout the unit, it would have been preferable to add a few more of those formal assessments. I also would like to become more creative when it comes to designing alternative assignments.

I also hope to improve parent contact in the future. You can do it! I tried to get to know them, rather than making a judgment based on outward appearances.

I believe in emphasizing the importance and value of an education that should carry beyond their high school years Immediately hands rose. In designing lessons, I also made an effort to employ as many teaching styles as possible.

Most of the time, I would enlarge materials because my students used large print.

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When I chose to look into the field of visual impairments, I kept that in the back of my head and hoped to only do orientation and mobility. Florida State prepared me very well in this area. He has some obsession with spatulas, so recognizing this and giving him this spatula as his reward was so fun to witness. Yes, this is important, but I have made it my personal goal this semester to break these kids and relate to them personally. I also used a variety of visual aids, including pictures to manipulate combined with pictures I drew for the students to copy down in their notebooks. I did achieve this goal insofar as I got to teach it to my eighth graders. There is little I would change, rather, build on that foundation of observing established practices in the classroom. What I learned I have developed a sense of pride in learning how to interpret set standards in order to write lessons to support those standards. Uncertain if they would understand why Calpurnia, in To Kill a Mockingbird, must change her speech and behavior depending on whether she is with the African American community or with her white employers, I asked the students for instances from their own lives. It is up to us to provide these guidelines to the younger generations. A teacher should expect more out of a student than just memorizing ideas then forget about them in the future In my opinion, there is more to being a teacher than just teaching. I would also have benefitted from setting up my unique norms for my class. I look forward to honing my skills at creating interesting and fun assignments and assessments. Forming these connections is not only personally valuable, but it creates such a positive environment for the entire class.

I wanted to make students feel that all they had learned and created was leading them somewhere—somewhere tangible.

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My Practice Teaching Experience Essay