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One has to die either today or tomorrow. He was expert in expressing truth in few possible words with beauty. To die is a natural phenomenon.

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In spite of sufficient awareness, the human beings still associate a lot of superstitions and mix it with vanity. With the use of metaphors, similes referring to various historical stories makes his essay comprehensible and agreeable.

Moreover, the subject matters he discusses in his writing style are all based on the real life and the reader found an epigrammatic wisdom in it.

The essay comprises of aphoristic sentences that engage the readers.

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Said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer. Style of the author is simple but his arguments are much effective.

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Truth is like a pearl that shows what is visible to naked eye. It diminishes the freedom. Studies also help a person learn etiquettes. According to Bacon truth is like a bright day which shows the real self. It is the compelling quality of truth, Bacon observes, that the persons who do not practice truth, acknowledge it. Bacon attempts to give the readers a nerve to face the death by arguing that the actual pain or death is not as much as we think about it. Such a comparison lends the literary charm to this essay. Whenever a man dies, serving his country, or for a noble cause, the gates of fame opens for him and he receives a lot of adoration even from those who envy and condemns them during the life. However, there were criticisms to this method, with contemporary thinkers questioning just how much research is needed before making a general conclusion. These innate faults are of the tribe, because they come to us at birth, and are common to all humans, not necessarily acquired through exposure to a given set of experiences. Similarly, Bacon shares with us the subjective truth, operative in social life. He feels relief that he is not abandoned by him. Other Works: However, Bacon did publish a great number of works that were not, at the surface level, of a philosophical nature. No new discoveries or recoveries of knowledge are made, and therefore, such learning is delicate and not true and rigorous. These kinds of books need the full concentration of the readers.
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Of Truth By Francis Bacon Summary