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And that opportunity has now been given.

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Kuok, who commands the multinational conglomerate, has accepted Mahathir's offer to be a member of the newly created Council of Eminent Personswhich first met on May A must read. And grabbed greedily in a bear hug with both arms.

Robert kuok hock nien

Yet, while we all knew he was and still is Malaysia's richest man, with a portfolio of dominating companies under his umbrella, we never knew much about the man himself, his background, the life he led, how he rose up and forged his business empire, his thoughts about Malaysia, the world and the future, his life principles, etc.

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His first foray into Hong Kong property was inwhen he acquired a plot of land on the newly reclaimed Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront, where he built his second hotel, the Kowloon Shangri-La.

Stumbled upon it at MPH yesterday. Photo by Mayuko Tani That was an extraordinary admission, given that Robert Kuok has eight children from his two marriages, many of whom have senior positions at the conglomerate.

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After being appointed as one of the five top advisors, Robert Kuok paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad on May Along with the conglomerate's hospitality business under Shangri-La, its Hong Kong-listed developer Kerry Properties has also expanded in mainland China. I get to step into the shoes of great men and women, even if only in my imaginations and mind, and accompany them in their life journey of accomplishment, triumph and regret. When the news suddenly came out that Robert Kuok was going to be publishing his memoir, there was a flurry of phone-calls in my household. This real forest gump's story is the stuff of legends Definitely a must read! Putting his promises into action, Mahathir on May 28 announced the cancellation of a high-speed rail-link project between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, increasing the anxiety over the status of the East Coast Rail Link being constructed by Chinese state-owned China Communications Construction. In a memoir last year, Kuok himself described the deal as "one of the best investments anybody has made in China. Kuok stands out among that group of prominent individuals not only because of his age -- the average of the other four is 70, with Daim the eldest at 80 -- but also because of his track record and acumen in dealing with China. The conflict had personal resonance for Kuok: An elder brother, William, whom he deeply admired, had decades earlier joined the local communists and was killed by British forces in He was soon promoted to head the rice-trading department. I read about how the myth was created, how the legend was born.
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Robert Kuok: A Memoir by Robert Kuok Hock Nien