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It is sad that in society today our priorities are so messed up that we give those who play sports for a living, hundreds of thousands more a year than other people who make a difference in the world every day.

He could have faced up to fifteen years in prison, but because he co-operated and had the money to make a settlement, he was treated differently. Along with their faces, we also see their contracts.

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Essay Most children see them playing on television and that is the main thing that interest them. Usually, they are drafted right out of college around the age of 22 and only the good ones are able to stay around long enough into their mid-late thirties. Other people point out that there are relatively few professional athletes compared to the number of members that other professions have and that professional athletes have short careers. Athletes do have to endure injuries, but that is the risk they have to take when they decide to play a professional sport. Although there are many factors that contribute to their salary, professional athletes may be overpaid because as a society, we contribute to their success. Some of these things include their earnings from endorsements, ticket sales, performance, merchandise, their social contributions, and TV ratings. Though economics is the key to understanding why these athletes earn such tremendous salaries, still, it fails to explain why they actually do deserve it. In his 18 year career, he has earned a name for himself and is now known across the world.

The athletes that do endorsements make money from the products they endorse, thus adding to their income. Yes, professional athletes are overpaid just like any other professionals such as lawyers, doctors and executives even though they do not have many years of formal education like other professionals from other area of study.

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These athletes are making millions of dollars play a sport. One other thing is that most athletes only do charitable work because it looks good on their half. Tax rates are extremely high for the men and women who participate in professional sports.

When asking people whether they think athletes are paid excessively much money, most agree with me. Today athletes are the highest paid people in the country, with the exception of Donald Trump and his toupee.

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