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In the Buddha, Siddhartha sees love in action, primarily in the form of compassion, but Siddhartha rejects this love because it is part of teachings that do not lead him to enlightenment.

It is through Kamala where he tires to experience and understand the aspect of physical love. The narrator explains, 'But more than all the others he was loved by Govinda, his friend, the son of a Brahman.

Now as a merchant with money and wealthy clothes he had strayed to the materials of life leading him to the river to kill himself But before he does he becomes tired and falls asleep and hears the holy Om echoing in his dreams.

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In the second third of the book, Siddhartha rejects the spiritual world and enters the material world, but relentlessly pursuing carnal desire does not lead him to wisdom either. Siddhartha expected to be alone when he decided to join the Samanas, but Govinda had unexpectedly determined that he could not part with Siddhartha. Siddhartha asks Kamala to teach him about love. Inevitably, with his tremendous yearning for the truth and desire to discover the Atman within himself he leaves his birthplace to join the Samanas. Siddhartha learned and listened to Kamala, for he had no experience with physical love. Kamala and her son run to find some people but Kamala grew tired and collapsed. How did his experiences lead him to nirvana? Understanding this difficult concept of love played a large role in him attaining nirvana. He was previously so ill from not having any love in his heart that he could love nothing or no one but now things were changing for Siddhartha. While sitting by the river he heard a voice telling him to love the river, to stay by it and learn from it With his son, Siddhartha finally feels love, but since love is an attachment to the world, it threatens to divert Siddhartha from his course. Perhaps, people of our kind can't love. Siddhartha understood that love was the act of loving another human being, but it was just another word in his language until he had experienced it for himself He found out that he still had much to learn after he went through the worries, the heartaches, and the sleepless nights that one goes through when they worry for a loved one.

When Kamala dies, the boy goes to the hut to live with Siddhartha. He distrusted teachings because to attain peace, he must learn everything from himself. With the Samanas he seeks to. Until now, Siddhartha has gained wisdom in the absence of love, and the love he feels for his son becomes a test of this wisdom.

Govinda leaves Siddhartha alone and Siddhartha stays next to the river. He had drifted away from the teachings of the Buddha and those of his father.

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