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Speaking of Ron, Ron is funny- he makes jokes! There were a few fics I read where he was a creepy rapist, and his friends knew it too! You could say, "This criminal was so ruthless that he destroyed buildings and murdered families for fun, and nobody really knew why.

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Other please tell me in the comments so I can help. I tucked that away and have never made that mistake again. If your protagonist chose to run away from the conflict, what For The Music Lovers I recommend the video above for those who like to listen to music while they write.

Don't worry if they find loads of mistakes, because A: they're helping you to improve your story and B: you can keep that information stored so as you don't make that mistake again. You wanna remember to always be in connection with your characters feelings, which means you might make the character do something that you would never do.

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Keep looking to better your craft, and people notice and appreciate it. I can attest that the snowflake method has worked well for me when writing original fiction. I attempted to take all of the crazy-awesome-over-the-top things that were in the first chapter and put them in the summary. To make a fundamentally in depth conflict, there has to be an action taken and a reason for that action. A disclaimer is to make sure readers know that you yourself are simply writing this fanfiction for fun, and not to make money off of someone else's fame and creation. I'd advise against ellipses three dots as well. Nor does she go to pieces; in fact she is one of the strongest characters in the books. Now, I'm talking in these instances about characters we know rather well. For example, let's say the conflict you wanna write about is a criminal who's wreaking havoc all over a vast and innocent city. Once you know the rules, you can certainly break them. Although if you can handle it and you can keep track of what you're writing, then go for it.

However, description, padding and back story are the key. It usually just involves adding in details like who is speaking when or what time of day it is etc. He's awkward. To describe something like an urban style city, you don't have to list the particles in the concrete sidewalk but you could say that the cracks in the newly developed walkway made it a bit of a struggle for some people to walk down it.

Keep looking to better your craft, and people notice and appreciate it.

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Tips to write a Good Summary for your Fic