Evaluating ge s organizational culture

Training and Education Programs: It is important for me to work for a company that provides additional training and educational benefits that will enhance employee leadership capabilities.

In the area of organizational culture appeal, it was found that GE appealed to me in four categories: 1 leadership, 2 opportunity for advancement, 3 work environment, and 4 training and education programs. You can only change a culture by first classifying it and understanding it.

Also, this feature of the corporate culture ensures that GE remains competitive in retaining customers. The Hierarchy Culture: This culture is founded on structure and control.

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In the area of customer service standards, it was found that GE has demonstrated their commitment to excellence and high customer standards through the training and implementation of The Six Sigma Strategy.

Results Orientation. The GOLD Team is a group of energetic, passionate people who want to "steer" you on your road to success through the gateway of continuous learning and development experiences!

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Beyond its sophisticated development system, its leaders are groomed with depth and substance through simple and natural approaches such as consistent ongoing dialogue and ingrained corporate values paired with various assignments for on-the-job development. The four parameters of the framework include internal focus and integration vs. The company emphasizes better outcomes for customers through this cultural trait. Do similarities or differences between CEO leadership and organizational culture have a more positive effect on firm performance? The OCAI and Competing Values Framework can serve as powerful tools to make empirical comparisons of an organizational culture before and after any major change initiative, reorganization, or merger. Professional growth: Capital Solutions learning culture Employee personal and key to our overall success. Strategy Glossary Community Offer Work: In my opinion it is important for everyone and company alike to come together and address community needs my spouse and i. Improve the meeting culture in your organization All you need for a productive meeting in one space. Inclusiveness is particularly important for GE given its wide-reaching global operations, but in any situation it helps to have people understand how their diverse roles fit together within the overall business scheme. Attention to Detail: GE employees focus on attention to detail in such areas as customer service, quality and assembly of products, meeting performance targets, enhanced decision-making through training and education and so on. Opportunity for Progression: It is important to work for a business that offers workers an opportunity for advancement. You can only change a culture by first classifying it and understanding it. The Adhocracy Culture: This culture is based on energy and creativity.
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Evaluating GE’s Organizational Traditions Essay