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While paying tributes to the Shuhdas and Ghazis we should also be offering tributes and prayers also for those officers and jawans of the armed forces martyred in action since in the defence of the ideological and geographical frontiers of the motherland including those laying down their lives in the ongoing war against the militants, extremists and terrorists to ensure safe and secure Pakistan for the posterity.

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The Pakistani story holds that it was an unmerited amazement assault by India, which was spurned by the Pakistan Army notwithstanding its little size and less armaments. As everyone knows, this is the day of defense as the Pakistan army kept the attacks of India.

The national priorities were very clear and unambiguous in those days, any danger to the motherland called for the unity and unstinted support to the government and the armed forces and it was forthcoming in a very strong and firm manner.

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September 6, Pakistan Defense Day speech English speech September 6, Urdu speech Defense day poetry of the adult's best speech of children. India Conflict is known as the second Kashmir war between India and Pakistan in conflict Kashmir area.

Oxford University Press launched the night with the army. If India had captured about square miles of Pakistan territory then it had also lost about square miles of its own territory to Pakistan. Even after lapse of 52 years, those who had witnessed the sneaky and treacherous Indian attack and are still alive and have vivid memory of those 16 days.

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Essay on defence day of pakistan 6 september