Current issues in teaching literature

The discourse of whole class teaching: a comparative study of Kenyan and Nigerian primary English lessons.

challenges in research of english literature

The members of the jury were asked to carefully read the questionnaire and to record their comments and suggestions. There are other prevailing conditions which pose a challenge to the teacher hence impeding learning.

problems of teaching english language in secondary schools

Sofi maintains that learning by rote and lectures are methods still used in Saudi Arabia because English teachers are not well trained for the job. Amman: University of Jordan Press, Mahib ur Rahman, M. Methodology Research Objectives This study attempts to answer the following question: What challenges and impediments do instructors face while teaching English literature at UoH?

To put it bluntly, we are attempting to teach Literature to students who can hardly read, write, speak or listen — in English.

Teaching literature in the secondary school

Khan, I. According to Hamdi, text selection is crucial since the cultural, economic, and educational onslaught of western post-colonialism entails training students to think in universalistic terms and thus alienates Arab students from their own identities, cultures, and histories. In order to increase the readability of the mean scores, the following score category breakdown was adopted: Means Corresponding level 1. Hence, Haggan rightly asks whether the role of the English Department is to provide students with the needed vocational training or to intellectually develop their minds within an academic area congenial to the individual. For instance, there are some comprehension passages which use illustrations that learners cannot relate to. However, in most Arab educational institutions rote memorization is considered the chief learning method. He concludes that coupled with outdated curricula and methodologies, insufficient support systems, and the rarity of qualified teachers, these impediments contribute to the unflattering picture of English teaching and learning in the region. Part two addressed the research question from three different angles. Hamdi, T. Literature Review There are a variety of ethical dilemmas found in the work place today, across multiple business disciplines. One such restriction is the segregation of foreign expats in housing compounds which are totally separated from the Saudi community.

International Journal of Instruction. A more recent research conducted by Tella et al.

Problems of teaching literature in secondary schools

According to Khan, the linguistic barrier and the lack of adequate motivation among both teachers and students are the most crucial at the tertiary level in KSA. Therefore, she proposes allowing students to choose either linguistics or literature as their area of specialization within the Department of English. Acclimatizing Saudi Students. Similarly, the high percentage of MA holders on the female side could be attributed to the same reason. This focus is reflected in the general objectives for teaching English listed by the Saudi Ministry of Education www. When they could understand what was going on in the story, I asked them to sequence the plot of the story. One of the core issues considered by earlier studies, especially since the first conference on the problems of teaching English language and literature at Arab universities held in Jordan in , is what component of the curriculum literature, language or linguistics is most beneficial to students. While we need to expose our students to a variety of literary texts, but our students do not read enough to understand the culture and background of the novels and poems prescribed. What I did was first I tried to get close to them. Comment 2 For the essay question in the Literature section, weak students may write a synopsis of the story.

I gave out clues and I did simple role-play during the lesson to help them answered the questions. My challenges would be: Challenge 1. This is because learners are not afforded the chance to learn from their own familiar home language with a curriculum and pedagogy that recognizes their cultural setting.

problems of teaching and learning of poetry

They may not have understood the contents of the story as they have no interest to read the text and the language is beyond their grasp.

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Current Issues in Teaching Literature