Antigone catharsis essay

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Any subject. Her suicide states that she did not want to deal with her life anymore to such an extent that it would be better if she killed herself rather than take her chances. Thus, the reader is given permission to entertain the idea, as nothing is tangibly dismissing it.

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Antigone catharsis essay

The desire for people of our day to have a love like this influences the audience to feel compassion for Haemon who died a loving man. Along with a character flaw, a tragic hero must realize the fall. The complexity of man stands as a wonder to many. Ismene believes that defiance does not need to be open in order to earn honor, and so sees her action as a valid means of showing reverence to the gods — something which she aspires to do. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. I must personally undo what I have done. The audience lays compassion on Haemon in such a situation where his loyalty to his father costs him the love of his life. In Antigone by Sophocles, the audience experiences a catharsis for a …show more content… The bare situation that Antigone is in calls for a purge of emotions from the audience. Creon causes the death of his own son due to his role in causing the suicide of Antigone. No marriage means more to me than your continuing wisdom" III He had already taken the first step towards repentance of his wrong doing when he personally sees to it that the body of Polynices received a proper burial. Her affinity for forthrightness does not align with such a clandestine act, making it unlikely that it was her own doing.

His personal vengeance gets involved with his business affairs which cause him to make this fatal error. Ismene proves that she would have this incentive to go through with the action in secrecy, thus making it all the more likely that she did. In this quote he says his intention has changed, he no longer wants to have Antigone locked up, nor does he want to kill her.

Creon catharsis in antigone

Essay Topic: Literature , Art Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! It is possible then, that this complexity was added for a reason — that reason being Ismene truly does have a deeper significance to this play. The helplessness of Antigone calls for sympathy from the readers. The exclamation point reveals that her tone is one of anger and frustration as she knows that she is right, but her opinions are outnumbered by the fearful subjects of Creon. I leave you with this paper for you to take a look at. After the play audience must want to lead a better life. One is the strangeness that surrounds the notion that Antigone conducted the burial rites two times — one quietly and hurriedly, the other publicly and thoroughly. The tone of the moment when the messenger described the scene was one of melancholy and grief for everyone knew exactly what she went through and why. Another factor that would have motivated Ismene is her loyalty to her sister.

This could be a lesson from the author, then, that the true heroes are those that act quietly yet admirably, and that those who let ego play a role in their actions as with Antigone will never succeed in actually bringing about goodness.

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