An introduction and an analysis of technology and infertile couples

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Humans are historical creatures. If so, tell me how? Results There are few initiatives geared toward implementing ART procedures at low cost or at least at affordable cost in low-income populations.

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Although women are very treatment-oriented, they nonetheless find the experience of treatment highly stressful Peddie et al. Read more: Fact Check: Is freezing human eggs really 'extremely unsuccessful'? Thus, defining oneself as infertile involves not simply negotiations between the individual and medical professionals but also negotiations within the couple and, possibly, the larger social networks. Eugster and Vingerhoets report in a literature review that pregnancy for people undergoing IVF is more stressful than for people without fertility problems see also Bevilacqua et al. Another methodological question has to do less with designing studies than with conceptualizing infertile individuals. Some couples are not deemed suitable to adopt, while others decide not to continue with the process after making initial enquiries. Results There are few initiatives geared toward implementing ART procedures at low cost or at least at affordable cost in low-income populations. According to Sundby , in The Gambia, where marital stability is already an issue, infertility is seen as a major threat to marital stability. After diagnosis, men and women have feelings of loss of control over their life project, and feel they are unable to achieve their life expectations [ 17 , 18 , 23 , 24 , 25 ]. This suggests that, as new treatments become available, patterns of usage and, indeed, the experience of infertility, may change as well. Conversely, Hjelmstedt et al. Most researchers who have investigated the relationship between infertility diagnosis and distress have reached the conclusion that the diagnosis does not exercise an influence over distress levels Edelmann and Connolly , Hjelmstedt et al.

Extended infertility term and unsuccessful but expensive treatment attempts were reportedly correlated with heightened depression-anxiety level. Still Greil insists that infertile women in the USA should not be seen as passive victims see also LetherbyParry The reactions given to infertility may be different from among societies.

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Yebei reports that, even after they had immigrated to The Netherlands, Ghanaian women often had to seek alternative practitioners, such as herbalists and spiritual healers, because of the high cost of biomedical treatment.

Inan estimated In one study that contrasted infertility-diagnosed cases with patients diagnosed with HIV-positive, cancer, cardiac disease, or similar life-threatening chronic diseases, anxiety effect was reported to be higher among the infertile group [ 41 ].

In this scenario, many women try to become pregnant with their first child when fertility starts to decline and the risk of infertility is higher [ 30 ].

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Affluent women in The Gambia, India and Egypt have access to sophisticated gynecological facilities and ART but the needs of poor and middle-class women are not met Sundby et al. Besides, although in a fatal disease, individuals come closer, the opposite holds true for infertility and couples distance themselves from one another as partners and from their social circle [ 28 , 29 , 30 , 31 ]. In fact, the initial indications for IUI were failure of spermatozoa to penetrate cervical mucus and male infertility. In this part of study, we have systemically reviewed our latest knowledge on the psychological manifestation of infertility. The NSFB, now under way, involves re-interviews of a nationally representative sample of US women three years after the original interview. How sufferers are seen by others and how they come to see themselves are both products of processes of social definition. Reasons to decline surrogacy were desire to carry one's own child Indeed, most women are currently delaying childbearing to an age where they are more likely to encounter problems having a child.
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The experience of infertility: A review of recent literature