An analysis of violence in many jews and palistinian

Although the Dawabshes were killed by Jewish settlers, the Israeli court, army and political system all conspired to ensure the protection of the killers from any accountability.

Increasingly, people on both sides of the conflict are expressing skepticism that a two-state solution remains possible. The only survivor, Ahmad, was punished thrice: when he lost his whole family; with his severe burns and when he was denied compensation.

Indesperate to separate the feuding Jewish and Arab communities, Britain recommended partition of Palestine into two sovereign states, Arab and Jewish.

An analysis of violence in many jews and palistinian

The simmering conflict exploded once again in the Six-Day War , when Israeli counterstrikes took over all of Jerusalem and captured Gaza and the West Bank. The ensuing War of Independence saw more than , Arabs fleeing the territory, becoming refugees under Israeli, Egyptian, or Jordanian rule. There were, however, many hurdles in reaching permanent peace, not least of which was the assassination of Rabin by a right-wing Israeli extremist. Yet once the wars over territory were over, a surge in violence and uprisings among the Palestinians began. Ben Gurion then declared the State of Israel. Israeli-imposed restrictions designed to keep Palestinians far from settlements forced them to take time-consuming detours and restricted their access to their own agricultural land. Since taking office, the Donald J. On Jerusalem the plan stated that, "the general principle is that Arab areas are Palestinian and that Jewish areas are Israeli.

Robert Malleyspecial assistant to US President Bill Clinton for Arab—Israeli Affairs, has confirmed that while Barak made no formal written offer to Arafat, the US did present concepts for peace which were considered by the Israeli side yet left unanswered by Arafat "the Palestinians' principal failing is that from the beginning of the Camp David summit onward they were unable either to say yes to the American ideas or to present a cogent and specific counterproposal of their own".

For Jews it is the site of the original, ancient Israelite Temple. This constituted aboutArabs. It made no provision for ethnic or political considerations.

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Meanwhile, Israeli authorities destroyed Palestinian homes and other property, forcibly displacing people as of November 19, the majority for lacking construction permits that Israel makes nearly impossible for Palestinians to obtain in East Jerusalem or in the 60 percent of the West Bank under its exclusive control Area C.

Living under occupation is terrible for the occupied.

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