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In the end, Moore leaves the morality of the characters open to reader interpretation.

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Within the fictional context of the story, the United States and the Soviet Union have been edging toward a nuclear war since the nuclear accident that transformed Osterman into the super-powered Dr. Assembled under the supervision of Dave Gibbons, Absolute Watchmen included the Graphitti materials, as well as restored and recolored art by John Higgins. Their existence in this version of the United States is shown to have dramatically affected and altered the outcomes of real-world events such as the Vietnam War and the presidency of Richard Nixon. These events are colored by commentary from a bevy of secondary characters, such as a teenage reader of the Tales of the Black Freighter comic-within-a-comic, the newsstand vendor from whom he purchases said comics, the psychiatrist evaluating Rorschach , the police officers from the first chapter and others. The Giants win and Blake loses his bet with the Kennedys. He praises Kantor for his skill at playing the "game" and inspiring Turtledove to do the same. Scientist Jon Osterman gained power over matter when he was caught in an "Intrinsic Field Subtractor" in

Dan, Laurie and Jon agree to keep silent, sickened by the deaths of millions of New Yorkers but willing to countenance it for the sake of averting nuclear holocaust. Moore said, "We found a lot of these things started to generate themselves as if by magic", in particular citing an occasion where they decided to name a lock company the " Gordian Knot Lock Company".

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In a possible quantum universe, the Comedian goes as a CIA advisor and orders the Americans ships to fire, resulting to the Cuban missiles fire against Washington. Jon does, then returns to Veidt's fortress.

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He explained that Doomsday Clock was the "most personal and most epic, utterly mind-bending project" that he had worked on in his career. Introducing a level of structuralism, mature themes and overall gravitas that had been unheard of in the medium, Watchmen expertly used comics' own forms and conventions to elevate what had always been considered a child's pastime to the forefront of art.

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Manhattan notices his prescient abilities are limited by tachyons emanating from the Antarctic and the pair teleport there. Paralleling the way Ted Kord had a predecessor, Moore also incorporated an earlier adventurer who used the name "Nite Owl", the retired crime fighter Hollis Mason, into Watchmen. He decided to use the extra pages to fill out the series' backstory. With this trump card in hand, America has enjoyed a distinct strategic advantage, allowing it to defeat the Soviet Union in a series of proxy wars, including victory in Vietnam. Manhattan is introduced to the world. Meanwhile, the reunited duo of Rorschach and Nite Owl prowl the New York underworld, searching for hints on who commissioned the hit on Veidt. Hollis mentions his book to her. He denies the impact of culture and context on his actions a repeated mantra of his which appears several times during the book is "Not even in the face of Armageddon. The limited series was a commercial success, and its sales helped DC Comics briefly overtake its competitor Marvel Comics in the comic book direct market. Other documents used in this way include military reports and newspaper and magazine articles. The transformation of Osterman changed political matters and made science advance more rapidly than in own world. While the Comedian's own moral code is cast into severe doubt throughout the novel Doctor Manhattan describes him as "deliberately amoral", whereas Rorschach merely questions his "moral lapses" , he seems to be almost nihilistic at times. Manhattan — who will become a kind of God — initially grows up as a watchmaker.

The module, which was endorsed by Moore, adds details to the series' backstory by portraying events that occurred in Kennedyat the White House. Gibbons, who had worked with Moore on previous occasions, including a notable Superman story Annual 11, "For the Man Who Has Everything"avoided convention in his work and developed a storyboard-like style to present the dialogue written by Moore.

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Back in New York, the editor at New Frontiersman asks his assistant to find some filler material from the "crank file", a collection of rejected submissions to the paper, many of which have not been reviewed yet. Burroughs as one of his "main influences" during the conception of Watchmen and admired Burroughs' use of "repeated symbols that would become laden with meaning" in Burroughs's one and only comic strip, The Unspeakable Mr. Moore said he was trying to "come up with this quintessential Steve Ditko character—someone who's got a funny name, whose surname begins with a 'K,' who's got an oddly designed mask". A pivotal scene where Rorschach handcuffs a man to a post, gives him a hacksaw, and then burns the man to death seems to be taken directly from the Australian film Mad Max , where the hero, Max Rockatansky, does exactly the same thing in the last minutes of the film. Hollis mentions his book to her. Rorschach does investigate, however, and discovers that Blake was also a costumed hero: The Comedian, one of only two costumed adventurers who accepted government patronage under the Keene Act , which otherwise forbade costumed adventuring from onward hence Rorschach's status as a vigilante. Happy to give up life as a costumed adventurer, Laurie has been retired since the passing of the Keene Act. Prior to confronting Veidt, Rorschach had mailed his journal detailing his suspicions to The New Frontiersman , a far right-wing magazine he frequently read. Gibbons drew issue five, titled "Fearful Symmetry", so the first page mirrors the last in terms of frame disposition , with the following pages mirroring each other before the center-spread is broadly symmetrical in layout. This discovery, reflecting the complexity of human emotions and relationships, re-sparks Manhattan's interest in humanity.

Nite Owl and Rorschach find Veidt's logic callous and abhorrent, but Veidt has already enacted his plan. He marks his forehead with the symbol of a hydrogen atom.

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