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Following Toole's suicide, his mother sought out author Walker Percy and insisted that he read the manuscript of A Confederacy of Dunces. Epigraph—A quotation or aphorism at the beginning of a literary work suggestive of a theme. Indeed, the first paragraph often suffices.

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Upon reaching adulthood, both Ignatius and Toole spent several years at universities, earning prestigious degrees and teaching classes, although neither achieved success during his lifetime. A memorable and much-quoted line in The Master and Margarita is: "manuscripts don't burn".

Is fascinated with Ignatius.

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Ignatius Reilly has got to be one of the most off-putting main characters in modern literature, but this hygenically-challenged intellectual oaf has something in common with a soap-opera vixen: you love to hate him. Is a reader left dissatisfied and undernourished if a character makes it through a book epiphany-free?

Neither book was published during Toole's lifetime. Reilly's new best friend and aunt of Patrolman Mancuso.

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She wants to get Ignatius out of the way so she can fix up his mother with a potential new husband Mr. His beleaguered mother by turns dotes and turns on him in their schizophrenic dance between adult child and aging parent. As they leave, Mrs. Hates modern society. There was no getting out of it; only one hope remained — that I could read a few pages and that they would be bad enough for me, in good conscience, to read no farther. Ignatius' impact leaves the poor souls in his wake insensible and gaping. Well we are happy this one didn't. By the time he died aged just 31, Toole had also been unable to hold down his teaching job and had become erratic in his behaviour, as well as increasingly dishevelled and paranoid. What I mean by a web like relationship is that all the characters were connected and by the end there were no loose ends. It took Percy himself three years of trying to get the book published — but since , millions of readers have also felt that interest, excitement and incredulity.

The characters are what make this novel, they are all connect by some way or other and end up affecting each other most of the time without even knowing it.

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A Confederacy of Dunces doesn't need to 'develop'